If you are a stylist, you need a website.

You get referrals and pass out flyers which sustains your business. You have a Facebook page with lots and lots of friends. So why do you need a website?

Stop one way communication

Most traditional advertising is one way communication. The problem with one way advertising is that you cannot get any feedback or collect any information on your client. Building a non invasive membership to your website is a much better long term advertising solution that handing out flyers. The same goes for Facebook, twitter, and other social networking sites, while you are able to communicate with “friends”, you are not able to collect emails, phone numbers or sort through those lists.

Be unique

You have a Facebook page but so does every other stylist. Social media should be an extension of your company, not the company itself. Set yourself apart by branding your company with your own style. After all, you are a “stylists”.

Get Mobile

44% of Americans use Smartphones. Take advantage of it. Create a mobile version of your website and market to mobile Smartphone users with your own custom app and QR Codes.