WordPress 3.8+: Custom Admin Color Schemes

It’s about time. WordPress has finally updated the admin area, fully equipped with responsiveness and color schemes. So why is this a big deal? If you develop custom WordPress themes for clients, it not just became a lot easier to design an appropriate backend to go along with your front end design. The Admin Color Schemes (found in your profile) makes  the process a cinch. You can download the Admin Color Schemes Plugin that will add additional color schemes if the default pack isn’t enough, or you can create your own.

The Style Sheet

Before we get started. make sure the classes in your color scheme style sheet correspond with the admin classes in the WordPress backend. Unzip the Admin Color Schemes plugin and refer to one of the color.css style sheets to understand what classes you need to style for your custom admin color schemes to come to life.

Color Coding

Most of the heavy lifting is handled by the wp_admin_css_color function. The following action hook can be placed in your functions.php file or an adjacent file included in your functions.php

Custom Color Scheme

Setting Defaults

If you want new users to automatically default to the new color scheme add the following action hook

New User Default Custom Color Scheme

And there you have it. I’ll leave you with “All the Things You Are” by Charlie Parker…

One last thing, hey  Automattic Team, can we get an “Eddie Harris” version name?