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Bulls Eye Centering with Flexbox

In a previous quick tip I showed you how to center elements with the transform attribute. Today we’ll try it with Flexbox. Please refer to MDN’s definition of Flexbox. Now let’s get started with basic centering…

  But I did say “Bulls Eye”, didn’t I?

Unwind with Swift

Credit goes to Natasha the Robot and her tutorial about unwinding written in Objective-C. So what is an “Unwind Segue”? An unwind segue, a.k.a exit segue can be used to traverse back through a series of segues. You will normally encounter an unwind segue via a popover returning data to the initiating view controller. Example: […]

Vertical Align Sass Mixins

Vertically and horizontally center relative positioned elements

Vertically and horizontally center absolute positioned elements

You get the Gist